Save on Foods Coming to Panorama Hills in Northwest Calgary

Save on Foods to Open This Fall in Panorama

Save On Foods Panorama Hills

It has been a loooong time coming for our neighborhood of Panorama Hills. Finally a new grocery store to compliment what we already have in our hood and present a different option.

Save On adds the two major outlets that have been a mainstay in Panorama Hills for over 10 years, Real Canadian Superstore and Sobey’s (Who by the way just purchased Safeway if you hadn’t heard by now).

Great Where is it Located?

If you know Panorama Hills at all then you know they started building waaaaay back in 1997 with a plan to develop in about 60 phases over the course of 18 Years. Well obviously the new Save On is not going in the already established areas so they have put it into the Gates of Panorama Hills Retail Development.

The Gates of Panorama is North of Panatella Boulevard right close to 14th Street and just south of Stoney Trail. The development is sandwiched in between Panatella Street and Panatella Hill to the east and west respectively.

The actual store itself is right beside Nha Trang, the fantastic Vietnamese restaurant and just on the south side of the new Cardel Homes multi family development. If you live in the Panatella section of Panorama Hills then you are pretty much within walking distance of your new grocery store.

When is Save On set to Open?

Wow! Some great questions today!!

According to their head office  Save On is looking to open their doors this Fall, with no definite date in site I have been told likely some time in September or October.

I have no doubt that this location will do quite well as it will be able to service a large number of residents in the Panatella section of Panorama Hills. The only downside I see is the amount of parking and how congested the whole development of the Gates is and will become.

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2 Responses to “Save on Foods Coming to Panorama Hills in Northwest Calgary”

  • Salahub

    Written on

    This is so exciting for us, we live in Evanston and having lived in BC tis is by far our favorite grocery store. Can’t wait!!!!!

    • Kelley Skar

      Written on

      How have you been liking it? I have to be honest…it is certainly a little more pricey than what we are used to but the selection is phenomenal!


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